Debra Lopez
“Lots of energy..kept me awake and alert..taste was great ..want some more…”

Louise M.
“Yes, Utopia Coffee! Don’t know if it’s the caffeine level or what—but I have NEVER had a more focused and productive morning. I was skeptical—took my usual vitamins, etc and had the coffee with my oatmeal breakfast—-and I’ve been a house on fire all morning! Impressed! You betcha I want to place an order! Let me know how!”

Kim Giovanelli Woodward
“I just love this coffee for many reasons. First, the taste is a perfect blend of a creamy Arabica coffee. It is delicious hot or cold. The benefits I reap when drinking this coffee is just amazing to me. The clarity of mind is so profound and I need a large dose of clear mind in my line of work. I also like the energy it provides in promoting my daily workout. Not to mention that I have been able to save money drinking this coffee just by cutting out some supplements that I spend quite a bit of money monthly to stabilize my immune system and boost my workout. And oh, yes, it does suppress the appetite. It doesn’t get any better than this. Thanks Ready Network! Love the coffee, Utopia. Perfect!”

Loretta Van Middlesworth
“Cafe Utopia has made a huge difference in my daily life!! I am more productive now because of being focused!! I no longer get that low around three in the afternoon!! I do not have crazy food craving’s anymore. I eat less and the weight just comes right off!! I do not drink caffeine at all!! With Cafe Utopia I have not experienced any jitters or nervousness whatsoever!! The coffee delivers exactly what is printed on the label !!!”

Kurt Stevenson
“You should replace at least one of your energy related drinks with UTOPIA! Start your day off right and give yourself a boost of mega energy, and mental power with Cafe UTOPIA!”

Carolyn Swithers
“I’ve been drinking Cafe Utopia for 8 months. I make it like an instant coffee with milk or add it to a chocolate protein shake which makes it taste like a coffee mocha. I find that this curves my appetite for the entire day and I only take it in the morning. Much to my surprise, I have also noticed that I am able to handle stress better than before. I will continue drinking it every day.”

Steven Miller
“This coffee definitely increased the oxygenation of my blood. Longer endurance when doing cardio. Also dropped 6 lbs. of body fat, which was not planned,but a nice perk.”

Jim Antora
“I’ve been using Cafe UTOPIA for around 3 months! It’s great stuff! Gives a great energy boost that lasts throughout the day. I’ve lost almost 10 pounds and I haven’t changed a thing. Finally a healthy coffee that helps with weight loss that actually works and tastes good. Packed with tons of great nutrients. You will have better focus and more longevity! You should give it a try!”